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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rihanna: Reb'l Fleur Commercial Premiere

Finally, the promotional video for Rihanna’s fruit salad-scented fragrance is here! The perfume is called Reb’l Fleur, and the ad looks at the two conflicting sides of the pop star. You see, there’s the bad Rihanna (Reb’l, as in…a bastardized form of the word rebel?) and the good Rihanna (Fleur, the French word for flower), and they’re dueling!
The opening shot shows good Rihanna laying in a bed of soft pink feathers that is meant to resemble a giant flower, but actually resembles a giant vagina. And she’s in some sort of maze-like English garden! And there’s a looking glass which turns good Rihanna into bad Rihanna, who gets her eyes covered by several strange men while she makes orgasm faces and rubs herself with a perfume bottle. And then the whole things is played backwards, and bad Rihanna becomes good Rihanna in the feathered vagina flower again!
You really need to check it out for yourself:

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