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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miley Cyrus' Sexiest Outfits of 2010

More growing up to mature, Miley Cyrus increasingly into the spotlight. Not because his performance but the style of clothes that are considered excessive and was impressed too sexy for her who the new children’s age was 17 years old.However, Miley does not care. In fact, he grew bolder course in using the clothing worn by her. Miley’s clothing style which was considered daring when she was not only on stage or video clips, but also in their activities.
10.Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato Do Dinner 
Miley sported a see-through black top and super-short jorts while Demi went for a more modest white t-shirt and leather-like black leggings. Miley and Demi fought off the paps as they attempted to make an exit.

She wore a revealing vest for a gym session yesterday. The ripped and gaping top put her lacy bra on show as she headed home after a workout session in Los Angeles.

8.Radio 1 In London
The teen singer, stepped out in the minuscule denim shorts as she made various trips in and out of her centrally-located hotel.Knowing there was an army of photographers waiting for her, the Hannah Montana star mustered up the kind of outfit that she knew would turn heads.

7.Voyeur Night Club
Clad in tiny denim shorts, a revealing black vest top, the Hannah Montana star left Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood in the early hours of the morning.Apparently Cyrus, who is well under the U.S. legal drinking age, didn't do too much wild partying inside the venue where she was attending a private birthday party. 'She wasn't drinking, just dancing with a girlfriend,' an onlooker told E!Online.I was expecting her to be pretty wild, but in all honesty, she seemed pretty chill and looked like she was having a good clean time.

 6.1515 Club in Paris
 Cyrus wore a racy pair of leather hotpants and cropped T-shirt for her gig in Paris on Tuesday night

 5.Wetten, dass...?
The revealing dress, made of white tulle material was completely see-through except for a design that slightly covered her stomach and chest.The Hannah Montana star wore flesh-coloured body stocking beneath but her underwear was still obvious as she performed her new single Who Owns My Heart on German TV show Wetten, dass...? To add to the risqué performance, Miley gyrated through a provocative routine with her back-up dancers, before settling in for a chat alongside actor Denzel Washington, appearing to promote new film Unstoppable.

4.Rock In Rio
Miley Cyrus ditched her Disney princess look for this raunchy Madonna-style corset that left little to the imagination as she gyrated her hips and grabbed her crotch during an explosive gig in Lisbon, Portugal.One fan at the Rock in Rio festival said: “Miley seems to have grown up, and fast. It was a raunch-fest straight out of the Madonna handbook.”


3.G-A-Y Club
Starting out in a Union Jack top, Miley soon found herself stripping down to her black dress, which had sections cut out both on the torso and at the top of her thighs. In fact witnesses at the club said her underwear was clearly visible during much of the energetic performance.Raising the temperature: The singer appeared to kiss one of her female dancers which went down a storm with the crowd at the popular club night

2.Who Owns My Heart?
 A scantily-clad Miley starts the clip by writhing in her underwear on a bed where she starts singing lines like ‘dancing on the floor with you…. I feel you pumping through my veins’.The teenager then gets up to put her
make-up and skimpy outfit on for a night at a club, despite being under-age and unable to drink alcohol. The clip then skips to a scene in the back of a car, where Miss Cyrus is on her way to the club wearing barely-there
 hot pants.She continues to sing while showing off her legs before finally arriving at the club to dance and grind with both men and women.Her latest song explores Miley’s confusion over ‘who owns her heart’, and she clearly isn’t holding back her sexy image despite the criticism she’s received in the past.

1.MuchMusic Video Awards
Miley Cyrus opened the MuchMusic Video Awards in a leather leotard and hotpants.Cyrus later changed into a white leotard for a voodoo-themed performance of her new single Can't Be Tamed, which has been causing controversy in recent weeks due to the raunchy dance moves.Her white lace basque, which looked inspired by Madonna's Like A Virgin ensemble, was so tight, she nearly exposed a bit too much to those in the front row.

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