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Monday, February 7, 2011

Adriana Lima Vogue Brazil February 2011

What I personally like Adriana Lima for is her naturalness. She isn’t stick thin, her smile is sincere and cute, and when she poses for camera she preserves her individuality no matter what character she tries to play. So you might understand why I hated Adriana’s photoshoot for Vogue Brazil February 2011 issue that much. Adriana seemed to be still the same girl I used to admire but her eyes were different. To be more precise, her eyelashes changed. Of course they looked amazing making eyes bigger and more open. However, these eyelashes played the bad trick either. Adriana wasn’t that normal girl anymore. She was a doll, a puppet, with no real expression that excited. Nevertheless I have to confess I loved the pictorial in Vogue Brazil February 2011 with Adriana Lima wearing evening dresses. She truly belonged to that atmosphere, atmosphere of chic and glamour.

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