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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sweet World of Katy Perry's Stage Wear

Katy Perry's motto might be "Go big, or go home!" The Teenage Dream star lets her imagination run wild with bubbly onstage fashion. Check out Katy's most memorable performance looks!
Merry Go Round
This whimsical carousel dress by Indian designer Manish Arora perfectly suited Katy's splashy, colorful stage persona. The downside: There's no sitting down in a piece like this.

Chiquita Banana
Wearing a crystalized fruit flavored dress, by design duo The Blonds, Katy remians devoted to their spunky creations. The California native counts on the glamorous designers to keep her performance costumes both colorful and, on occasion, tropical.

Cut-Out Doll
Katy rocked an unusual Viktor & Rolf gown that was slashed and shaved into a swiss cheese creation. With such a commanding dress, Katy wisely kept the rest of her look simple while hosting the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Tinseltown's Finest 
Everyone's favorite holiday ornament, Katy Perry, was cheerful as ever in her silver tinsel frock onstage at the 2010 GRAMMY Nominations Concert. The headpiece adds a festive touch, non?

California Girl
Katy is not afraid to flaunt her amazing figure. At the 2010 MTV Awards, Katy showed off her assets in bejeweled short shorts and a matching cut-out top. The pop star added a funky twist with a vibrant blue wig.

Army Brat
Giving her signature latex dress a fresh spin, Katy took the stage in a sexed-up military costume. No matter the event or wacky costume, Katy always leaves the crowd in awe!

Sugar and Spice 
Pop princess Katy Perry was at her technicolor best on the Today show, performing in a spangled nude leotard with a hot pink rhinestone belt. As always, Katy's hair and makeup was equally vibrant with her high ponytail, blueberry eyes and cotton candy lips. Sweet!

Twinkle Twinkle
Katy Perry was bejeweled for her performance on the German show Wetten, das...? in Munich. We're not too sure how the whole language barrier actually played out, but it looked like the pop star was having a blast anyway!

 Barbie World
Katy was a dead ringer for Malibu Barbie in this palm-print halter dress, by Abigail Greydanus for Syren, on stage at the premiere of Volkswagen's new Jetta. Paired with a sleek high ponytail and matching pink lipstick, Katy looks ready for mass production.

Victoria's Secret....Katy!
As if the Victoria's Secret fashion show wasn't hot enough, Katy showed a whole lotta leg in a frothy purple frock. It must be fun to be Katy!

 She's a Firework 
Katy Perry blew up the 2010 American Music Awards as she performed her hit single "Firework" in an appropriately bejeweled red jumpsuit.

Frosty the Snowgirl
We're so used to seeing Katy perform in cartoonish getups that her Frosty the Snowgirl costume at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2010 came as something of shock. Leave it to Katy to add opera gloves, a mini top hat and loads of cleavage to an iconic Christmas character.

Red, White and Blue
One of her many glittering ensembles at the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops show included this patriotic ensemble. Complete with Louboutin over-the-knee boots and Top Gun aviator shades, Katy kept the soldiers thoroughly entertained!

Santa's Little Helper
Katy Perry does it again! Just when we thought a holiday costume couldn't get any cuter, Katy killed it in a sexy Santa costume, at Z100's Jingle Ball 2010.


Toy Soldierette
Katy Perry gets the award for the hottest nutcracker ever! The bubbly pop star showed her Christmas spirit at Z100's 2010 Jingle Ball in a custome costume complete with Louboutin over-the-knee-boots. Too Cute!

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