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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scarlett Johansson gets her fizz back with sexy champagne shoot

No one could ever really accuse the sultry and mysterious Scarlett Johansson of being bubbly.Except when it comes to some delicious champagne of course, and that's when the actress proved she has more than enough fizz.It's been a tough month for Johansson after her actor husband Ryan Reynolds filed for divorce, so what better way to cheer herself up than with a sexy photo shoot.The actress got her glad rags on as the face of the new advertising campaign for champagne makers Moet & Chandon.
.In one picture, Scarlett, 26, leans over a table with a knowing smile on her face as she tilts of a bottle of the fizzy stuff.
In another, she stand precariously on a ladder in her strapless pearl blue ball gown clutching a bottle inside a huge ballroom with hundreds of champagne flutes stacked up on the floor.The vintage dress adds to her sexiness, showing off her tiny waist and curves while flashing a toned slender leg at the same time.

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