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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Do you have a beautiful pair of blue peepers, but not a clue what to do with them? Well never fear, EliteAvenue is here! We'll solve all your eye makeup dilemmas to make you and your eyes the center of attention.
Taylor Swif -Neutral Eyeshadow
Taylor Swift doesn't overpower her beautiful blues with too much shadow. Instead, she opts for classic black liner and a shimmery champagne shadow to draw attention.


Stephanie Pratt-Bright EyeshadowStephanie Pratt's unique combination of electric blue lower lid liner and coral shadow made her bright blue eyes pop and was the perfect summer look.

Katy Perry-False Eyelashes
What better way to make your eyes pop than with false lashes like Katy Perry? Just press them on and you're good to go!

Katie Cassidy - Neutral EyeshadowKatie Cassidy knows you don't need to go for a bold color to make a big statement. To go with her fancy lace dress, Katie opted for a champagne shadow with a touch of shimmer to make her blue eyes pop.

Christina Aguilera-Black Eyeliner
Christina Aguilera loves to go for a classic combo and pairs her bold red lip with falsies and a thick black line of kohl.

Emily Blunt-Metallic Eyeshadow
Emily Blunt added a hint of sparkle to her smoky eye by lining her lower lashes with a pearly white and using a gunmetal silver shadow on her upper lids.

Megan Fox-Cat Eyes
As Megan Fox knows, one of the sexiest makeup looks for blue eyes is the classic cat eye. Done with liquid liner, all you do is add a flick on the outer eye—tres chic!


Miley Cyrus-Smoky Eyes
For a subtle smoky eye like Miley Cyrus, keep the dark shadow on your outer lid, lining the inner lids with a softer shade of peach or champagne.


Julianne Hough-Bright Eyeshadow
Julianne Hough isn't shy to amp up her bright blue eyes with bold and daring bright purple shadow.

Dannii Minogue-Metallic Eyeshadow
Dannii Minogue amped up her look with a playful copper shadow on the outer corners of her blue eyes. Copper's reddish tone complements blue eyes perfectly.

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