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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lady Gaga for i-D Spring 2011

As promised, Lady Gaga is wearing clothes inside i-D magazine’s “Exhibitionist Issue.” She’s also wearing her facial and shoulder prostheses, black lipstick, and what appears to be a blue vinyl trench coat.We love the spread, but mainly because of Gaga. The clothing is hardly dynamic and though we only have five images (and hopefully there are more), we only count two outfits. We need more!
Also, the idea of Gaga as a model is sort of oxymoronic. While Gaga certainly thinks out of the sartorial box, her outfits have been so increasingly fantastical so as to render them somewhat boring. In other words: models are meant to showcase the clothes — and Gaga can only really showcase Gaga. What do you think?

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