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Monday, December 27, 2010

Lady Gaga's BEST and WORST!

You can't contradict us when we say that Lady Gaga has up&downs, periods when leaves us with admiration and days when she goes from home with the curtain on the head ... Maybe her spirit of bohemian artistic feature of the this branch are taken to a level where we still ''have not arrived''. But surely, Lady G remains one of fashion's great mysteries.

                                 BEST OF THE MONTH
Lady Gaga is certainly keeping abreast of avant-garde fashions these days.The "Alejandro" singer lit up Paris (where she experienced a bit of concert drama over the weekend) on Monday in her John Lennon sunglasses and jewel-encrusted, Ice Queen-inspired gown that offered more-than-ample glances of flesh.Do you think the look suits her?


Lady Gaga might be "dead," digitally speaking, as the "Bad Romance" singer is one of the celebs taking part in Alicia Keys' digital death campaign to raise money for her Keep A Child Alive foundation. But! She is risen! Shopping in Milan and looking like a straight-up fashionista zombie!Look, if you've got it, flaunt it. And by "it" I mean absolutely insane couture that most people couldn't even conceive of in their dreams (or nightmares). And if you've got said couture, you might as well swag it out in one of the world's fashion centers like Milan. I mean, you can't really stroll around the Cherry Hill Mall, looking for jeggings in an outfit like that, right?
More totally insane and awesome pics of Lady Gaga, shopping in Milan and looking like a character from "The Matrix," below.

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